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Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence

Early Detection of Colorectal Anastomotic Leaks using a non-invasive, Inline Drainage Fluid pH and Conductivity Monitor

N. Helwa, M. Sharma, N. Kothiyal, A. El-Falou, R. Tjandra, K. Berry, Y. Helwa , J. Rezende-Neto

Iatrogenic Colorectal Anastomotic Leak in Swine for Studies Related to Early Diagnosis of Complications

N. Helwa, M. Sharma, M. Vanama, D. Khater, Y. Helwa, A. EI-Falou, Dr. J. Rezende-Neto

Performance Evaluation of pH Measurements Made Using Origin for Integration with Chest Tube Drainage Systems

N. Helwa, D. Khater, M. Sharma

Estimated Cost Savings Due to the Early Prediction of Anastomotic Leaks in Gastrointestinal Surgery

N. Helwa & M. Sharma

Clinical and Economic Consequences of Anastomotic Leakage following Colorectal Surgery: A Survey of Literature

Nour Helwa, Manaswi Sharma, Olivia Rennie, Pallavi Dutta

Clinical and Economic Consequences of Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula following Pancreatic Surgery: A Survey of the Literature

Nour Helwa, Manaswi Sharma, Johan Verghese, Olivia Rennie, Mazhar Shahen, Pallavi Dutta

Anastomotic Leaks Through Surgeons' Eyes: A Survey-Based Analysis of Current Challenges, Gaps, and Perspectives on Novel Approaches to Improving Postoperative Care

Olivia Rennie, Nour Helwa, Manaswi Sharma, Pallavi Dutta

Continuous pH Monitoring Using a Sensor for the Early Detection of Anastomotic Leak

Michelle Huynh, Ricky Tjandra, Nour Helwa, Mohamed Okasha, Abdallah El-Falou and Youssef Helwa

Colonic Anastomotic Leak Model in Swine

Nour Helwa; Manaswi Sharma; Manasvi Sai Vanama; Youssef Helwa; Abdallah El-Falou

Pre-Operative Risk for Colorectal Anastomotic Leakage: A Narrative Literature Review of Modifiable Risk Factors

Olivia Rennie , Manaswi Sharma, Nour Helwa

Anastomotic Atlas-Colorectal Introduction to Colorectal Anastomotic Leakage

Risk Factors for Anastomotic Leaks in Colorectal Surgery: A Focus on Pre-operative Considerations

Anastomotic Atlas Summary - Introduction (20-July-2023)

Yang et al., (2013) Summary - Acidic Pelvic Drainage as a Predictive Factor for Anastomotic Leakage After Surgery for Patients with Rectal Cancer (20-July-2023)

Anastomostic Leaks Through Surgeons' Eyes: A Survey-Based Analysis of Attitudes and Perspectives Towards the Stream™ Platform

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